Friday, August 27, 2010

In Flight

Wow, what a beautiful piece of art! Wish I could paint like this.

"In Flight", an original oil painting, has been transformed into these beautiful, 5 x 7 greeting cards.

An original creation by Appealingtoyou - check it out! 


  1. Nice blog! Thanks for the offer to be featured. I'll be in FL training with my new guide dog soon. Would you consider me for a spot after 10/15? ( Thanks - London

  2. Wow ... I know that I'm biased but ... of all the work that my hubby does ... this is one of my most favorites! :)

    Thanks, so much, for featuring this piece!

  3. Beautiful! I love the way the bird is quietly gliding over the water.

  4. What a wonderful painting - great sense of freedom! I can see why you like it :)

  5. Beautiful! Your hubby is very talented!