Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hot Fuschia

These pearls are so yummy ... fabulous color!
This 3 strand freshwater pearl necklace with earrings will make you feel like the queen that you are - absolutely! 

A lovely creation by jewelrytreschic


  1. Love the richness of the color! You're right ... the pearls are yummy! :)

    Thanks for sharing ... now I'm off to do the same! :)

  2. definitely yummy, Monique. Beautiful work by Sharon, as always. would love to see it on! 8)
    crystal from kIZZ

  3. very the colors!

    Keep up the phenominal work!!


  4. Thank you, Monique. I love these kind of surprises!!! And yes, I love this color as well.
    I have a lot of pearls this color -- I think I was having a "beadaholique attack" the day I found a whole table full of different kinds of pearls this color!!! I can't help myself somedays!

  5. One of the HOT colors for fall! Wear these and you would definitely be chic!

  6. Good thing I have tons of these pearls!! I should be making them in my sleep, eh??

  7. Just gorgeous!! Congratz to Sharon on another outstanding work of art! ;) Donna
    aka -