Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pearl and Sterling Swirl Bracelet

I have lost so many bracelets in my life but this doesn't stop me from eyeing a new one!

Lovely freshwater pearls with slight variant shades of violet and plum are wire wrapped between hand formed sterling silver swirls.Beautiful!
More of these beautiful jewelry from adorned7. Check them out!


  1. OOO LA LA!! That is BEAUTIFUL, I have a weakness for all things "swirly!"

  2. Oh my ... lovely! This piece would work well for dressing up a casual outfit or highlighting more dressy clothes. Great piece ... and excellent "find".

    And what a nice present to the birthday girl! :)

  3. very pretty. and Michele...i know you have a weakness for are swirly... 8) WS

  4. What a lovely bracelet!! Thanks for sharing. ;) Donna